Performance Suspension

If you want to place an order, please email us at complete with your mailing address, and we will invoice you and ship the goods via Australia Post.

If you are sending shocks for repair, do not send springs. If you can't remove them, then an extra cost of $20 per shock will be charged. 

Sadly, following the liquidation of AVO in the UK, I have not been able to secure a supply of internal wear parts. I have only three large body internal bushes left in stock.

This means, I cannot satisfactorily overhaul any large body shock absorbers after they are used up.

I have plenty of red poly bushes and bump stops still in stock, and a limited number of small body internal bushes.

The only option I have for you, is to supply new shocks. I have a small supply of AVO shocks, that I'm happy to sell at a discount. Otherwise, I have a supply of GAZ shocks that may suit.

Online shop now available:

Or if you want to go to our new GAZ site

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